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Alger TrailCamp: No features noted
Conditions Date Observed Observed By Date Posted
Plenty of water! 2013-05-27 Ryan S. 2013-05-29
Lots of water in the creek 2013-07-07 Hannah 2013-07-08
Still good water source. 2013-08-04 Oshie 2013-08-05
Surprisingly good flow. 2013-08-10 Gary V 2013-08-11
Alger creek east of the camp still has strong flow - fill 1 liter in 2 seconds 2013-08-11 Michelle 2013-08-12
Very strong flow 2013-09-21 Neal 2013-09-30
Lots of Water. Rushing Creek. 2013-10-12 Lonewalker 2013-10-15
Running well as always. You never have to worry about water at Alger. - - Nearby Cedar Spring, however, which is on the way to Alger, is nearly dry. 2014-04-25 Hikin' Jim 2014-05-05
Plenty of water. 2014-09-28 Lou Z 2014-09-29
Plenty of water 2014-09-28 Lou Z 2014-09-29
Lots of water. 2014-11-21 Bug Doodle 2014-11-23
5/29/16 Plenty of water in creek 2014-05-29 Kawboy 2016-05-29
Great flow on 10/22/16 2014-10-22 MARK 2016-10-31
Big Tree: No features noted
Conditions Date Observed Observed By Date Posted
Water Water everywhere...hiked up from Whitewater just about one time per month this winter. My cache at Big Tree was snow free!!! 2010-12-31 Pitownpi 2011-04-14
Columbine: No features noted
Conditions Date Observed Observed By Date Posted
Dry 2012-09-02 D. Gossard 2012-09-05
Water available 100 yds up main creek bed which is dry. - Look for large rock outcrop on hillside and small water fall.The falls are audible. 2013-03-24 Randy V 2013-04-28
Dry 2013-05-15 S.Tabler 2013-05-22
Dry at camp site. Water flow was good about 200 yards directly up ravine above camp, but was very difficult to reach. 2013-05-24 David Hull 2013-05-27
No water in the creek that runs through camp. Follow the dry creekbed uphill about 300 yds. (Steep, no defined trail) to a good source. Best to ask someone who has been there to point you in the right direction. 2013-05-27 Karen 2013-05-28
Creek that runs through camp is dry - no water available. 2013-07-15 Louis Z 2013-07-15
No water. Ravine is dry all the way up. 2013-08-17 Russell J 2013-08-17
No water. Bone dry 2013-10-26 Neal 2013-10-29
Dry. It's almost always dry unless it's a really wet year. - - Nearby Manzanita Spring is also dry. 2014-04-19 Hikin' Jim 2014-05-05
No water. Some patches of snow could be melted in an emergency for water 4/18/15 2014-04-18 Aaron M. Scullin 2015-04-18
2016-08-06 Completely dry from the trail crossing at the entry to the camp all the way through the campsites and beyond. 2014-08-06 Eric F 2016-08-07
2016-09-03 Completely dry. 2014-09-03 EricF 2016-09-06
Dobbs Trailcamp: No features noted
Conditions Date Observed Observed By Date Posted
Excellent Water Flow here from two separate streams. Was pleasantly surprised to see native trout in one of them. 2012-07-06 D Parrish 2012-07-07
Beautiful, clear and cold water from two streams. 2012-09-01 Corrina Peipon 2012-09-04
TONS of water. There will always be water here short of some great cataclysm 2012-10-20 Hikin' Jim 2012-10-21
Still good water source for filtering. 2013-08-04 Oshie 2013-08-05
Very strong flow 2013-09-21 Neal 2013-09-30
Both E and W Forks running well. One of the most reliable water sources in the wilderness. 2014-05-04 Hikin' Jim 2014-05-05
Plenty of water 2014-09-28 Lou Z 2014-09-29
Dollar Lake: No features noted
Conditions Date Observed Observed By Date Posted
Dollar Lake is dry. 2012-07-20 Kathy W. 2012-07-20
Flow is moderate. Was there is the dark so did not get a good look at the lake, but I believe it is mostly dry. 2012-07-20 David Hull 2012-07-23
Dry. Spring still flowing well. 2012-08-18 Myself 2012-08-20
Spring flow is adequate 2013-05-11 Randy V 2013-05-11
There's no water in the springs at Dollar (can't call it a lake for now - it is bone dry). We had to melt snow. After talking to every group around, we found water to filter at High Meadow Springs. Wish we had known to camp there. Don't rely on the Ranger Station staff - they said there was water! Lodgepole supposedly has a good enough flow at the springs there based on groups we met coming down. 2013-05-25 scout hiker 2013-05-27
There is no water in Dollar Lake and no water in the spring to the southwest of Dollar Lake. You must carry your water up from South Fork Meadows. 2013-06-03 Sondra Morison 2013-06-08
dollar lake is dry. spring is either hidden by snow or dry also. 2014-04-19 Oscar 2014-04-21
Dry. Really dry. Not even mud. The lake is 100% dry. The spring is 100% dry. No water anywhere to be found. 2014-09-18 Hikin' Jim 2014-10-05
Fish Creek: Stream crosses trail .5 mi up trail from camp
Conditions Date Observed Observed By Date Posted
Water Water/Snow Snow everywhere in the winter!!.....hiked up from Mission Creek once a month all winter! 2010-12-31 Pitownpi 2011-04-14
This report for 9-10-11. Still a decent flow at spring above camp. 2010-09-10 Mike 2011-09-14
Lots and lots of water. Multiple streams were crossing the trail. Water was also running higher up in the stream where the switch back zigs back north. 2012-04-30 Hikin' Jim 2012-05-03
Water flow decent at spring above camp 2012-05-19 Mike 2012-05-25
Water is still abundant 0.5 mile above Fish Creek Camp 2012-07-28 HanhN 2012-07-31
Good flow at the creek .5 mi from Fish Creek camp. We had fun making a dam to form a pool to filter water. 2012-08-29 Scott 2012-09-01
Water still flowing above camp 2012-11-04 Jay B 2012-11-10
Decent flow at stream crossing above camp. 2013-06-29 Hiker 2013-06-30
water was very good, recommended that you get water a few feet up from the trail. 2013-07-01 BSA Troop 1613 2013-07-02
Water source is about 1/4 mile up trail. Very Very low flow 2013-07-07 Louis Z 2013-07-08
Very good flow 1/4 mi. up the trail from Fish Creek Camp. There was quite a bit of rain the day before. 2013-07-13 Natalie M. 2013-07-17
Slow but steady. I'd guess 1 liter per minute? Still enough to fill all your water needs but not sure about later summer..... 2014-07-13 Jeff 2014-07-14
Small creek crosses trail about 0.25 miles north of Fish Creek Camp. Fair flow. Can collect in a cup from a small 6" waterfall about 10 ft above trail. 2014-07-27 Dennis Horwitz 2014-07-28
Water Flow in crossing Uphill from Camp. 10 inch waterfall with about 3L per min flow. 2014-10-25 Dan R 2014-10-29
No water at FC camp. Good flow in stream crossing 1mi E (downhill) of camp. Crossing 1/4mi W (uphill) of camp is frozen over but there's a collection pool you can pump from. 2014-11-29 Paul V 2014-11-30
4/19/2015 --- Spring running .5 mile up from camp. Plenty enough to fill 2014-04-19 Dan 2015-05-18
Water in the lower canyon. No water at Fish Trail Camp. This is for May 2015. 2014-12-31 Stevo P 2015-06-10
Fish Creek Saddle: No features noted
Conditions Date Observed Observed By Date Posted
Plenty of snow to melt....didn't see an ground or running water.....too much snow - 12/23/2010 and I've been up in 2011 each month so far....same each time 2010-12-31 Pitownpi 2011-04-14
No water observed, but PLENTY of snow still left. Not as much as in 2011, but plenty if you want to melt snow for water. 2012-04-30 Hikin' Jim 2012-05-03
Water at Lodgepole spring about 0.5 mi down the use trail from the saddle to Dry Lake 2012-07-28 HanhN 2012-07-31
The (very) small spring WNW of Fish Creek Saddle was barely running. You'd be better off just going down to Lodgepole Spring. 2012-09-13 Hikin' Jim 2012-10-03
Halfway Trail Camp: No features noted
Conditions Date Observed Observed By Date Posted
EXCELLENT WATER SOURCE 2012-07-08 DAVE T. 2012-07-08
Good water source from small creek before the split to High Creek trail. 2012-10-06 Tavis 2012-10-08
Good flow in Vivian Creek just before the trail camp. 2012-10-26 Hikin' Jim 2012-10-27
Good water flow 2012-12-08 Justin B 2012-12-09
No water - dry as a bone. 2013-05-18 GregB 2013-05-19
The creek is dry at Halfway. There was water about a mile down the trail from Halfway Camp. 2013-06-13 Bob 2013-06-22
There was a very small amount in the creek at trailcrossing (just downhill of camp) 2013-07-28 Chris E. 2013-07-29
Checked carefully on the way down when it is easier to see and could find no visible trace of water anywhere below Halfway camp. 2013-08-07 Dan W 2013-08-08
Creek has surface flow at trail crossing due to recent rains. flow is low but pumpable. 2013-09-14 Randy V 2013-09-15
Flowing, but only a trickle. Aquifer recharged by recent snows. Some large pools available for filtering. 2013-10-14 Lonewalker 2013-10-15
Dry at trail crossing. Did not see or hear signs of water, but did not go looking off trail. 2014-01-18 Rick R. 2014-01-20
The creek before the camp junction is dry, but there is a low flow of water if you follow the creek a little ways easterly. 2014-05-03 KathyW 2014-05-07
Dry at the trail crossing. There could be water further up the drainage, but I didn't check. I just went to High Creek and got water there. 2014-05-24 Hikin' Jim 2014-05-26
Some have reported Halfway as dry. It isn't. At the creek crossing (dry) 200 yards before camp, go upstream 50 yards (there's a trace trail to the left of the creek). You'll find pools with adequate flow. Better flow than observed in the fall. Probably won't last all summer. 2014-05-24 Ian Smith 2014-05-27
At now dry stream crossing just before the camp trail spur junction, turn left BEFORE the dry stream and go up along the dry stream bed. Follow light social trail, step over one large log, at least 100 paces. Look for very small (2' diam) pool on right in stream bed. 2014-07-19 John Flippin 2014-07-24
Dry at Halfway Crossing but there is a small pool at "Upper Halfway" which is maybe 100 yards upstream. 2014-10-03 Hikin' Jim 2014-10-05
No water here 2014-10-05 Sean 2014-10-06
No Water here 2014-10-05 Akhil Dwivedi 2014-10-06
This is for 2015 (yr not yet added to drop down menu). Good flow 400 feet up the creek from the trail just south of the camp turn off. 2014-05-24 Cedric 2015-06-11
~8/23/2015~ No water here. Vivian creek and High Creek still okay. 2014-08-23 Brian 2015-08-24
High Creek Trail Camp: No features noted
Conditions Date Observed Observed By Date Posted
7/1/2001 Lots and lots of water! Flows right through the camp. You have to cross the creek while following the trail, so you can't miss it. 7/1/2011 (It didn't let me put 2011 for the date, so I chose 2010) 2010-07-01 Ricardo 2011-07-03
EXCELLENT WATER SOURCE 2012-07-08 DAVE T. 2012-07-08
Good flow of clear water. 2012-07-11 Hugh Warren 2012-07-13
This was my first time at this camp, so I can't say for sure, but it looks like this is two streams or one big stream in winter/spring; now it's one small stream. Water is very clear and cold and steadily flowing from a small falls, but it's a little low compared to what I imagine must be a large stream in other seasons. 2012-09-02 Corrina Peipon 2012-09-04
Stream below camp is low but running steadily. Not as well aerated as other streams higher up on Vivian but plenty of water to filter. 2012-09-03 Corrina Peipon 2012-09-04
Good flow in High Creek. 2012-10-26 Hikin' Jim 2012-10-27
Good water flow 2012-12-08 Justin B 2012-12-09
Small but steady flow. The spring up creek has contracted significantly so no benefit of hiking more than 50 yards up from the trail crossing 2013-05-18 GregB 2013-05-19
Low flow but plenty for drinking water. 2013-06-15 Rick R. 2013-06-16
Low flow but plenty to filter 2013-07-14 BobC 2013-07-20
Plenty of water to filter at High Creek and Vivian. Seemed dry at Halfway 2013-07-29 Lisa 2013-07-31
Flow is adequate and water is clean and refreshing. 2013-09-14 Randy Voyles 2013-09-15
Good water flow at high creek and at Vivian Creek, didn't see much at the halfway camp. 2013-10-06 Brad S 2013-10-07
Low flow, but sufficient. 2013-10-14 Lonewalker 2013-10-15
Great water flow! I packed way too much water. Boil and you good! 2013-11-05 Ryan S 2013-11-05
Dry at trail crossing, but good flow 20' upstream. 2014-01-18 Rick R. 2014-01-20
Water is available. 2014-05-03 KathyW 2014-05-07
Decent flow in the smaller creek bed. The larger creek bed that you come to first was dry. Good flow at High Creek Falls downstream of the camping area. 2014-05-24 Hikin' Jim 2014-05-26
Water is running. Look for it in creek bed left up as Vivian trail passes through camp. We sourced here on the way to the San G summit and upon return. 2014-06-07 Mountain Turtle 2014-06-08
Good small flow where Vivian Creek trail crosses High Creek. Most likely from recent monsoon rains. Probably wont last very long though. 2014-07-06 Jon B 2014-07-07
Same report as Jon B; the flow seemed pretty strong. 2014-07-18 Darren O 2014-07-21
Good flow of water at high creek. 2014-07-27 Jon B 2014-07-28
Dry at the first trail crossing but plenty of water at the second trail crossing which is just to the east. - - There is also plenty of water at High Creek Falls which is a couple hundred yards downstream of the camping area. 2014-10-03 Hikin' Jim 2014-10-05
Very good flow about 100 feet upstream from trail! This and Vivian Creek Camp were the only places I saw water on the entire trail to the summit. 2014-10-05 Sean 2014-10-06
Good water flow. 2014-10-05 Akhil Dwivedi 2014-10-06
Water is available. Hike up the creek a bit to get deeper pools of water. 2014-11-22 Bug Doodle 2014-11-23
Good water flow, icy cold visited in April 18th 2014-12-31 Andrew Chang 2015-04-21
Good water flow, but might have only been because of the recent rains. (THIS IS 2015, NOT 2014) 2014-05-22 Nathan Leroy 2015-05-25
Good water flow, but might have only been because of the recent rains. (THIS IS 2015, NOT 2014) 2014-05-22 Nathan Leroy 2015-05-25
HORRID 2014-12-21 HISTER 2015-06-04
Dry as hell. 2014-01-07 MAGGOT B JOHNSON 2015-06-04
This is for 5/23/15: good flow 2014-05-23 Cedric 2015-06-11
High creek flowing low to medium, enough to filter. (AUGUST 2015 report) 2014-08-18 Jeremy Sandler 2015-08-19
2015 report- Good flow. 2014-08-23 Brian 2015-08-24
2015 report - Light stream but plenty of water to filter 2014-09-06 Nick C. 2015-09-08
Plenty of water. Good flow where the trail crosses the creek (past the actual camp). You can follow the stream up into the brush and nearly to the manzanita - it is flowing better up by the little falls. - This is for 09/26/15 2014-09-26 Evyn 2015-09-27
High Meadow Springs: Water is a bit downhill from camp
Conditions Date Observed Observed By Date Posted
The water is still flowing nicely. 2012-07-20 Kathy W. 2012-07-20
Plenty of water with good steady flow. 2012-10-19 Hikin' Jim 2012-10-21
Adequate flow below campsites 2013-05-03 Randy V 2013-05-11
Down to a mere trickle 2013-05-16 S.Tabler 2013-05-22
Good flow and probably will remain so for quite some time. 2013-07-06 Randy V 2013-07-07
Water is fine - quite downhill from trailhead sign. Some ice / snow but crampons weren't necessary. 2014-01-18 Jim 2014-01-20
Decent flow at the half-pipe. Can fill containers or filter from the pool. 2014-05-25 Phil R. 2014-06-02
Silty pockets of running water with algae in it in the meadow no more than two inches deep. Able to pump as much as we wanted but filter clogged quickly. 2014-06-28 Turtle 2014-06-30
Plenty of water in multiple locations. The water is shallow, so you have to take care not to stir up silt. Low flow, but definitely usable. - - I use a Sierra cup to gently scoop up water and pour it into another container. 2014-09-18 Hikin' Jim 2014-10-05
Jackstraw: No features noted
Conditions Date Observed Observed By Date Posted
Water is barely trickling. Not a reliable source. 2012-06-10 Dave 2012-06-10
Two Flowing streams. Not creeks by any means, but definitely sufficient for filtering water from - The westerly flow line (approximately 100 feet west of the first or easterly flowline) probably the better of the two at at least 2 gallons per permit. Both are flowing and clean 2012-07-21 Cameron 2012-07-23
Second creek crossing has brackish water that can be filtered. 2013-05-02 Randy V 2013-05-11
Second creek crossing is running at a slow steady trickle. 2013-06-27 John Trollmann 2013-06-27
Good flow. Raining at time of observation. 2013-09-07 DAVE T. 2013-09-08
Slow but steady water flow at 2nd creek from trail. Hollowed out area to pump water from at junction. 2013-09-21 Pete 2013-09-22
Spring frozen at trail crossing. Strong flow under ice cap, plenty of water. 2014-02-01 B. Wilson 2014-02-03
Very low flow... just a trickle coming from spring. enough to fill up a few canteens, and then if you wait, it will fill back up. - - Puddle is located right next to the wooden plank crossing the place where the stream would be. 2014-06-20 Daniel 2014-06-23
Johns Meadow: Camp is located between two streams
Conditions Date Observed Observed By Date Posted
2011/05/07 -- Excellent flow, but what else is new? :) 2010-05-07 Hikin' Jim 2011-05-16
Good flow in Forsee Creek proper as well as the small fork west of the trail camp. 2012-09-15 Hikin' Jim 2012-10-27
Good water flowing in Forsee Creek at the John's Meadow Crossing. 2013-06-20 John Trollmann 2013-06-26
Good flow in both branches of the creek. 2013-09-28 BSA Troop 322 2013-09-30
Good flow in both branches of creek. 2013-10-26 Neal 2013-10-29
Good flow and plenty of water in Forsee Creek. 2014-05-24 John Trollmann 2014-05-26
Forsee Creek and the un-named creek on the west side of John's Meadow were both flowing. The flow was such that you could fill a 1 liter bottle in 30 seconds. 2014-06-15 Mike Blakely 2014-06-17
Good flow in Forsee Creek where it crosses the trail. Good flow also in the creek just west of Johns Meadow. 2014-11-12 ROGER 2014-11-14
2015 --- Good flow both branches 2014-05-17 Dan 2015-05-18
Limber Pine: Limber Pine: Water is .3 mi East (up trail)
Conditions Date Observed Observed By Date Posted
Good flow. 2012-07-21 Bruce 2012-07-22
Flow is good. 2012-07-22 David Hull 2012-07-23
Flow is good. 2013-05-25 David Hull 2013-05-27
~10 gal/minute, with snowbanks around it. 2013-06-01 Bob Sill 2013-06-02
Confirming that Bob Sill's report is accurate. Great flow, snow nearby. 2013-06-02 Kyle Kuns 2013-06-06
Water was available (although low flow for this time of year) and there was a small patch of snow nearby. 2013-06-07 Sondra Morison 2013-06-08
Still running 2013-07-06 Mike 2013-07-07
Low flow but still going. 2013-07-14 Louis Z 2013-07-15
water still flowing 2013-08-18 mike g 2013-08-18
Water is still available 2013-08-27 Colin S 2013-09-03
Creek is frozen over/snowed over. Kicked in the snow and ice where the trickle usually happens and discovered a very very low flow. Good for those with gravity filters / squeeze filters, but pump filters may have trouble unless water is trapped. 2014-02-09 Lou Z 2014-02-09
Pretty modest flow. Not sure there will be much water coming through here a month from now. 2014-05-03 Scott 2014-05-04
Limber Pine Spring was flowing well. 2014-04-19 Hikin' Jim 2014-05-05
Water still present but flow is low. However, there is enough to easily filter. Patches of snow still in the area. 2014-05-02 Kyle Kuns 2014-05-08
The Limber Pine Creek flow was sufficient to filter 6 - 8 liters of water in no time at all. At the switchback, it looked like a small trickle, a little difficult to filter from. About 50 feet up the creek from the switchback, you can recover water from the stream and filter from there. 2014-06-22 Randy 2014-06-23
still running strong 2014-07-05 james cho 2014-07-10
about 1L/Minute flow 30-40 feet upstream from trail 2014-07-12 john 2014-07-13
Water flow was good, filled about 3 L in 5 minutes (including filter time). Climbed about 50 ft up from where stream meets trail. - Crisp and cold...best water in California! 2014-07-27 Sean 2014-07-27
The stream was completely frozen all the way through. Was able to chip away some small bits and pieces of ice and scrap up some of the small amounts of snow around it, but it took a lot of effort to get a little amount of water to boil down, clean, and make drinkable. 2014-11-16 Veronica 2014-11-16
Water flowing and patches of snow around. Was able to fill up 3L with no problem. ***2015-5-2 REPORT*** 2014-05-02 Jeremy Chung 2015-05-04
Running, about 1 liter/min (2015, NOT 2014) 2014-05-20 Lindsey 2015-05-21
Spring was flowing very well this weekend. Able to fill 6 liters with no problem. 2015, not 2014 2014-06-15 Lydia 2015-06-16
Observed 8/24/15 (not 14) Still a bit of water but not much. Had to climb up the spring a few feet to find enough space to drop a pump in. May be dry soon. 2014-08-24 Mateo 2015-08-25
Observed 9/18/15 (not 2014). Strong flow. We had a bag to catch the water so we didn't attempt to filter directly from the little puddles/ponds that the stream flows into, but it looked like it would have been deep enough. We went a little above the trail for better flow, but it wasn't strictly necessary. 2014-09-18 Evyn 2015-09-20
2016-08-06 Excellent flow, the creek was at least a meter wide (wild guess at least 10 liters/min if you could trap the whole creek). It did rain several times last week, so that probably helped. 2014-08-06 Eric F 2016-08-07
The creek is flowing and we were able to gather plenty of water to filter for our overnight trip. August 27-28, 2016 (this form only allows us to choose up to 2014) 2014-08-27 Gisele G. Guerra 2016-08-31
2016-09-04 Excellent flow. Timed filling my 3-liter bladder in 35 seconds, with lots of spillage. 2014-09-04 Eric F 2016-09-06
observed 8Sept2017! flowing well at trail crossing, underground just a short way up and downstream. 2014 date id all that drop-down picklist will allow 2014-09-08 BobC 2017-09-10
observed 8Sept2017! flowing well at trail crossing, underground just a short way up and downstream. 2014 date id all that drop-down picklist will allow 2014-09-08 BobC 2017-09-10
Lodgepole Spring: The usual source if camping at Dry Lake
Conditions Date Observed Observed By Date Posted
2011/05/06. Flow *amazing*. Water is flowing from way up the drainage through where Lodgepole Spring is then all the way down into Dry Lake which is quite full. 2010-05-06 Hikin' Jim 2011-05-16
Plenty of Water, High Flow - Late August, 2011 2010-08-21 Mike M. 2011-09-18
Water flowing well. No snow in immediate vicinity. 2012-04-30 Hikin' Jim 2012-05-03
Flowing well. 2012-08-19 Myself 2012-08-20
Excellent flow; plenty of water. 2012-09-12 Hikin' Jim 2012-10-03
Currently a reliable source, but you must go way back into the spring to find water. The flow is much less than past years. 2013-06-09 Dave T 2013-06-09
Good flow at spring - seems like traditional location - Dry Lake bone dry 2013-06-22 BSA #276 2013-06-27
Plenty of water. we pumped 8 liters in a couple of minutes. The bugs were in the millions, and the dry lake was dry. 2013-07-01 BSA Troop 1613 2013-07-02
Low trickle flow, only water source for Dry Lake and Fish Creek Saddle. 2013-07-07 Louis Z 2013-07-08
Lower than usual but filled up 2 5-gallon containers in 45 min 2013-07-13 BSA 277 2013-07-15
Spring flowing OK with several spots to filter. Recent rain had the creek from the spring flowing farther than usual 2013-07-27 Phil R 2013-07-29
light flow, but still able to fill a liter in about 30 seconds 2013-08-10 Michelle 2013-08-12
Flow is ok. Enough to fill a bottle in 30 seconds. Maybe think about bringing a filter so there is no silt in your water. 2013-08-18 Daniel 2013-08-19
Flow is adequate; filling more than 1L requires a little patience though. 2013-09-06 Patrick 2013-09-09
There is sufficient water flowing to fill water bottles. 2013-09-13 KathyW 2013-09-13
Adequate flow for filter pumping, bottle fill would be difficult. Est. flow = 2-3 gpm, lake is dry (hence the name) 2013-10-05 Chris M. 2013-10-07
Spring is running at about 2-3 gpm. Flow is adequate for filtration yet hard for filling a bottle. Did not check to see if spring froze over night. Dry lade...dry! 2013-12-30 Andres B 2014-01-01
Low flow. Adequate for filtration yet hard for filling a bottle. Dry Lake is dry. No snow. 2014-02-16 Tommy Thunder 2014-02-18
Same conditions listed in last post. 2014-02-22 JEFFG 2014-02-25
Low flow, hard to fill bottles. Dry Lake has some water 2014-04-07 Bryant 2014-04-09
Spring has low but steady flow. 2014-04-19 B. Wilson 2014-04-21
Very Low Flow 3 small pools to collect from 2014-05-04 Troop 723 2014-05-06
3 small puddles remain. There is no "flowing" water at all. Two San G volunteers, who were visiting Lodgepole Spring on 5/16/14, told us if a big group shows up, the puddles will probably be used up. 2014-05-16 danielle 2014-05-18
Dry as of 6/5/2014. Water available below about 1/2 mile below dry lake from spring crossing trail. 2014-06-07 Rob Hawk, ASM 2014-06-09
Bone dry, 2014-06-27 Chris P. 2014-06-29
Bone dry. The seep the previous post referenced, on the trail 1/2 mile before Dry Lake is still trickling. 2014-06-28 Ian Smith 2014-06-30
Dry 2014-09-16 Keith Bates 2014-09-17
Dry. I looked everywhere. Not even mud. The lake is also 100% dry. - - Best water en route to Dry Lake from the S Fork Trailhead is at Grassy Spring which is just below the trail about 1/2 to Dry Lake from S. Fork Meadows. 2014-09-18 Hikin' Jim 2014-10-05
Still completely dry, have to go down trail about 3/4 mile for seep on trail. Go off trail from seep and there are little falls that are easier to fill from. 2014-10-26 Cory 2014-10-28
Dry Lake ( No Water ) Lodgepole Spring ( No Water ) Small spring 3/4 mile before dry lake flowing slowly. Last 1/4 mile of trail to dry lake icy. 2014-11-08 JEFFG 2014-11-11
On 3/21/15, Lodgepole Spring was frozen over according to the rangers we passed on the way up (did not independently verify). We were told to get water out of Dry Lake instead. - - 2015, NOT 2014. 2014-03-21 HGK 2015-03-25
Dry on April 26 2015 (not 2014). - Grassy Spring which is on the way to Dry Lake from S. Fork Meadows was running well. 2014-04-26 Hikin' Jim 2015-05-21
Dry, no water at all, this update is for May 2015. 2014-12-31 Stevo P 2015-06-10
Mineshaft Flat: Water is .3 mi down trail
Conditions Date Observed Observed By Date Posted
yes, plenty of water, and no snow down there! - hiked up from whitewater 1/4/2011 - from mission creek 2/28/2011, 3/27/2011, 4/4/2011 2010-12-31 Pitownpi 2011-04-14
Water flow is still good in the grassy creek. Enough water to use a pump 2013-08-04 Adam W 2013-08-08
Excellent flow. 2014-07-26 Dennis Horwitz 2014-07-28
Saxton Trail Camp: Water is .2 mi West
Conditions Date Observed Observed By Date Posted
Spring below camp is running well but low. Very clear. Two springs above camp (farther than the spring below): 1st is just a trickle but second is running low but well. 2012-09-02 Corrina Peipon 2012-09-04
Plenty of water with good steady flow. 2012-10-20 Hikin' Jim 2012-10-21
Good water flow at creek 300 yards below Saxton Camp. Another creek with good flow approx. one mile northeast of camp near Plummer's Meadow. 2013-05-26 JLowe 2013-06-06
This and Plummer's Meadow still have good flow. (Posting this since the Ranger at Mill Creek had given us wrong info and said there was no water on Momyer/Falls Creek Trail) 2013-06-15 Hiker 2013-06-16
Below Saxton and Plummer Meadows still had sufficiently good flow. 2013-08-10 Gary V 2013-08-11
fairly good flow 2013-08-11 Michelle 2013-08-12
PLUMMER MEADOWS - strong flow - fill 1L in 3 seconds 2013-08-10 Michell 2013-08-12
Weak flow, but still enough to fill up. Small pools around 1 foot wide, 1 foot deep. 2013-09-21 Neal 2013-09-30
Recent snows have recharged aquifer. Good flow, approx. 4 gpm 2013-10-12 Lonewalker 2013-10-15
PLUMMER MEADOWS: Recent snows have recharged aquifer. Lots of water. Approx 10 gpm 2013-10-13 Lonewalker 2013-10-15
The W Prong of the W Fork of Falls Creek (the usual water source) was running well. - - The small creek just before the W Prong was also running, albeit at a much lower rate. - - The spring just up the trail from Saxton was flowing, but just barely. - - Plummer Crossing (the last water before Dollar Lake Saddle) was flowing well as always. 2014-05-03 Hikin' Jim 2014-05-05
1. West Prong of W. Fork of Falls Creek (the "official" source for water at Saxton): Good flow. - 2. Smaller creek down the trail below the "official" source: Low flow, but flowing. - 3. Small spring above Saxton Camp: Just a trickle. - 4. "Plummer Crossing" (where the W. Fork of Falls Creek crosses the trail above Plummer Meadows): Excellent flow. 2014-05-25 Hikin' Jim 2014-05-26
Good flow at stream 1/4 mi below Saxton Camp. Plummer, about a mile up the trail from camp and the last water before the saddle, also has good flow. 2014-08-17 Rick R. 2014-08-20
Saxton & Plummer running strong 2014-11-16 James Cho 2014-11-16
Plenty of water. 2014-11-22 Bug Doodle 2014-11-23
Great flow on 10/22/16 2014-10-22 Mark 2016-10-31
South Fork Meadows: Water is all over around here. Can't miss it.
Conditions Date Observed Observed By Date Posted
Water *everywhere*. Tons of water. 2010-05-06 Hikin' Jim 2011-05-16
Water flowing very well. 2012-04-30 Hikin' Jim 2012-05-03
Water galore (as usual). Never a shortage here. 2012-09-14 Hikin' Jim 2012-10-03
This post is really for Mosquito Spring which is just east of Grinnell Ridge Camp: There was water in a small pool at Mosquito Spring, but there wasn't a lot, and it was a bit stagnant and contained mosquito larvae. You'd *definitely* want to treat this water. 2012-09-13 Hikin' Jim 2012-10-03
Good water flow/availability; but, less than normal for this time of year. 2013-06-03 Sondra Morison 2013-06-08
Excellent water flow, but less than most years. 2013-06-09 DAVE T 2013-06-09
still flowing 2013-08-09 Michelle 2013-08-12
Excellent flow. No problem filling up a liter quickly. 2013-08-18 Daniel 2013-08-19
Excellent flow still, 1st crossing has best flow. 2013-10-06 Chris M. 2013-10-07
Plenty of water flowing. 2014-02-17 Tommy Thunder 2014-02-18
Nice consistent flow! 2014-05-24 Sons of Vanarchy 2014-05-27
Lots of water at Lost Creek and South Fork Trail junction. Located just off South Fork Trail on Lost Creek Trail. 2014-08-31 Tommy Thunder 2014-09-04
Plenty of water in multiple locations. - - The place where the trail crosses a creek before climbing to Dry Lake is running very low, but there are plenty of spots with good flow. 2014-09-19 Hikin' Jim 2014-10-05
Great Flow in crossing on Lost Creek just after the trail junction. Upstream along the South Fork trail there are three small crossings. The middle is still easy for filtering. 2014-10-24 Dan R 2014-10-29
Trailfork: No features noted
Conditions Date Observed Observed By Date Posted
Water is flowing at a rate of approximately 1 L per 3 minutes. 2012-06-10 Dave 2012-06-10
Flow through pipe is slow, perhaps one liter a minute. 2012-07-22 David Hull 2012-07-23
Water flow is low, but still flowing. If you carve out a little bowl to filter from, the flow is more than your filter can take in. Jackstraw Springs has much better flow. 2012-07-21 Cameron 2012-07-23
Slow but steady flow of water coming out of the pipe - enough to fill up hte water bottles. 2012-09-29 Kathy W. 2012-09-30
Slow but steady flow. Enough to fill a bladder if you're patient. 2012-10-19 Hikin' Jim 2012-10-21
good flow at about .5 liters per minute 2013-05-04 Randy V 2013-05-11
Water is flowing out of the pipe. It's a slow flow, but enough to fill water bottles. 2013-07-28 Kathy W 2013-07-28
No water coming from pipe. However, I cleaned out a small catch basin approximately 10 feet below pipe to catch rain seepage. Not a reliable source. 2013-09-07 Dave T. 2013-09-08
Slow but steady flow from ground. No water from pipe. Area hollowed out and lined with plastic to allow filtering. 2013-09-21 Pete 2013-09-22
Trickle coming out of pipe. flow rate was 90sec for 200ml; 2min for 8oz. took awhile to fill multiple bottles. 2014-05-30 Jim W 2014-06-01
Pipe is dry. Some usable puddles on the ground. 2014-06-14 Robert S 2014-06-16
Very low flow/trickle coming from spring. Pipe is dry.. puddle formed near pipe that is enough to fill some bottles if you are patient. 2014-06-21 Daniel 2014-06-23
No flow on springs. Spring is snow covered (thick). ***2015-5-3 REPORT*** 2014-05-03 Jeremy Chung 2015-05-04
2015 ---- Pipe flowing well. 2L a minute. Clear of snow. 2014-05-18 Dan 2015-05-18
Running pretty well, enough to 2 liters in a few minutes (2015, NOT 2014). 2014-05-21 Lindsey 2015-05-21
Vivian Trail Camp: No features noted
Conditions Date Observed Observed By Date Posted
EXCELLENT WATER SOURCE. 2012-07-08 DAVE T 2012-07-08
Good flow in Vivian Creek near the trail camp. 2012-10-26 Hikin' Jim 2012-10-27
Good water flow 2012-12-08 Justin 2012-12-09
Water in camp - but not much further up the trail. 2013-05-18 GregB 2013-05-19
Low flow but plenty for drinking water at the log crossing. 2013-06-15 Rick R. 2013-06-16
Low flow but plenty to filter 2013-07-14 BobC 2013-07-20
Creek full of water. Flowing well. 2013-10-14 Lonewalker 2013-10-15
Water is available. 2014-05-03 KathyW 2014-05-07
Good flow at the trail crossing near camp. 2014-05-24 Hikin' Jim 2014-05-26
Good water flow from recent monsoon rains at the trail camp. 2014-07-06 Jon Br 2014-07-07
Good water flow at Vivian Creek trail camp. 2014-07-28 Jon B 2014-07-28
Great water flow in the creek! Dependable. You can fill up a liter in about 8 seconds. 2014-08-23 Lisa Cox 2014-09-08
good water flow. 2014-10-05 Akhil Dwivedi 2014-10-06
*2015* NOT 2014 Water great just past the wilderness boundary. FILL UP HERE. no water until just before High Creek Camp 2014-02-17 john hill 2015-02-24
This is for 5/23/15: good flow 2014-05-23 Cedric 2015-06-11
Vivian creek flowing low to medium, enough to filter. (AUGUST 2015 report) 2014-08-18 Jeremy Sandler 2015-08-19
Plenty of water. Good flow. 2014-09-26 Evyn 2015-09-27

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